Welcome to DNA24

About Us

DNA24 is an independent assistance company providing immediate and professional assistance in South East Asia to other assistance companies, insurance companies & embassies all over the world.

As a regionally based provider, we maintain close relationships with medical facilities, local authorities, and service providers. All cases are managed with linguistic and cultural understanding, emphasizing personal, prompt, cost-controlled, and quality-oriented service from the first call.

Our call center is staffed with qualified and trained coordinators, nurses, and doctors. Along with our comprehensive network of service providers throughout the region, they are ready to assist 24/7, every day of the year.

What We Do

We provide a range of comprehensive healthcare, concierge, and security focused packages to support insurance companies, corporate clients, and individuals (expatriates and travelers). Our healthcare packages ensure round the clock support for every medical emergency, whilst our corporate safety plan enables businesses to offer safety and security to employees on the move.

Our safety plan includes comprehensive monitoring, management and support for geopolitical incidents and natural disasters. With HealthCase you can rest assured that your critical people are covered when it counts.

Our Mission

DNA24 strives to create a safer world for people travelling and working abroad. We make sure that global travelers and expatriates feel in safe hands in any environment worldwide.

For more than 15 years DNA24 has been providing world class health care and health care assistance solutions in Asia on behalf of its local and international insurance partners.

Our Service Offer

As a leading health care and medical assistance provider operating in Asia we provide our international and local insurance partners with an important array of 24/7 critical services, which are made available to active policy holders. We provide local support from daily care operational treatment coordination of benefits or claims management to medical emergencies, repatriation, travel claims, lost passports, cash advances, together with many other important services.

Our partners can rest assured that our experienced personnel are on hand to make the right intervention, when, and where it may be required.